Fireworks Safety Tips for Independence Day

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Monterey County personal injury attorneyThe Fourth of July holiday is practically  synonymous with fireworks. In fact, Americans will light around 285 million pounds of fireworks to celebrate Independence Day. That amounts to roughly $1.09 billion worth of fireworks! While most fireworks displays go as planned, it is important to remember that fireworks can be extremely dangerous.  

Fireworks Recall Spans Several States

Recently, a line of consumer fireworks was recalled after the fireworks caused several individuals to suffer burns. Some 36,100 fireworks were pulled from shelves because of the danger they could “explode unexpectedly after being lit.” While many fireworks are meant to explode, the recalled products were intended to produce colorful smoke rather than explosions, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. The fireworks were sold in stores in Illinois, Ohio, Vermont and Wisconsin. In addition to faulty fireworks, the misuse or illegal use of fireworks cause injuries. An estimated average of 9,125 fireworks injuries occur every year with seven people losing their lives due to such accidents.

Keep Your Family Safe

Fourth of July revelers can reduce their risk of being killed or injured as a result of fireworks by following a few safety rules:

  • Never modify or use fireworks in a way other than directed. Resist the temptation to make homemade fireworks. Light fireworks one at a time, and do not combine them;
  • Read and follow the directions on the fireworks package. Take note of warnings. Never hold lit fireworks in your hand or point them at someone. Any person lighting a firework should immediately back away to a safe distance after igniting the fuse;
  • Supervise children carefully if you allow them to use fireworks. Small children should not be allowed to hold or ignite fireworks. Even a common sparkler burns at a temperature of about 2,000 degrees—hot enough to melt some types of metals! Serious burns can and have been caused by sparklers;
  • Dispose of used or malfunctioning fireworks in a bucket of water. This ensures that the fireworks will not reignite or start a fire. Do not try to reuse fireworks, even if they did not ignite fully the first time; and
  • Always use fireworks outside and away from flammable objects. The ideal location for a fireworks display is an open area outside, away from trees or tall pants and with spectators at a safe distance.

Despite taking proper precautions, a poorly designed or defective fireworks product could cause serious injuries or even death. If you or a loved one is injured by fireworks this Fourth of July, contact an experienced personal injury attorney in Monterey County. Call 408-298-7200 for a free consultation at Corsiglia McMahon & Allard, L.L.P today.




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